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Featured Project - Jonesville Water Treatment Plant

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - MicroFloc Basins

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Actiflo Trains

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Actiflo Control Panels

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Actiflo Sand Recirculation Pumps

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Actiflo Sand Recirculation

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Chemical Feed Systems

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Sand Recirculation Pumps

Jonesville Water Treatment Plant - Roll-Up Door Access for Future Modules

Richmond County Water Tank Raising

Construction is complete on the raising of a 500,000 gallon water storage tank in Richmond County.  This tank was raised 39 feet in order to reach the same elevation as two other tanks in the system and obtain additional head in this tank’s service area.

Richmond County Water Tank Raising Richmond County Water Tank Raising Richmond County Water Tank Raising Richmond County Water Tank Raising Richmond County Water Tank Raising

Town of Jonesville Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Jonesville Water Treatment PlantMunicipal Engineering designed an expansion for the Town of Jonesville’s water treatment plant (WTP) capacity to be doubled from 0.5 MGD to 1 MGD by the use of a Mircosand Enhanced Flocculation (MEF). The plant was 55 years old and most of the exterior concrete had deteriorated from undergoing alkaline-silica reaction (ASR) including the high service line, flash mixer, flocculation and sedimentation basins. The completed project included a new high service line, interconnection pump station with bi-directional pumping, and new SCADA and telemetry system as well as a hydraulic model and GIS map of the Town’s water system. To the extent possible, existing processes were upgraded and utilized in the design, including filters that were rerated to twice their original capacity. The final design utilized Micro-sand Enhanced Flocculation (MEF) and flow-paced automatic dosing, and was the first stand-alone treatment system of this type in North Carolina. The new WTP was online and certified in 2012.

Richmond County Water Treatment Plant Improvements and Expansion

Richmond County Water Treatment PlantRichmond County’s WTP experienced a bottleneck in its solids treatment for the past 13 years. MESCO examined the current system and through consultation with the owners and operators designed and implemented an additional 60’ sludge clarifier, new sludge pumping facility with remote VFD controls and a 2 meter belt press. The new sludge treatment processes are capable of handling 260 gpm of thickened sludge as compared to the older system which could handle 80 gpm at best. Challenges for this project included integration of a new process into the existing system that had to be operated continuously to facilitate the production of potable water, excavation and connection to a WTP system that had previously been upgraded twice, and choosing a process that was both familiar to operators and reliable. In addition, Municipal Engineering is in the process of expanding the County’s water treatment plant from 6.7 MGD to 9.0 MGD. Plans include the addition of two settling basins, a new wet well, high service pumps, and a building to house the new pumps. The chemical feed system is being upgraded to include flow based dosing with new chemical feed pumps and an updated SCADA system for control of the new dosage system. A 24” high service line is being added to send the higher permitted volume to the distribution system.

Town of Cofield Water System Improvements

Town of Cofield Water SystemThe Town of Cofield was experiencing problems with inadequate capacity, storage, and poor water quality from their two current wells. The Town had completely lost use of one of the wells. Municipal Engineering designed a new elevated 75,000 gallon water storage tank and two new wells with updated pumping, control, and disinfection systems. In addition, a backup generator was included to increase the performance and reliability of the water distribution system.

Scotland County 750,000 Gallon Elevated Water Tank

Scotland County 750,000 Gallon Elevated Water TankScotland County had an industry interested in constructing a new facility adjacent to the County’s Small Business Innovation Center and Economic Development Office that would invest over $110 million within the County. The company needed 1.8 million gallons of raw water per day for manufacturing of a specialized paper product. In addition, the new facility required water storage for fire protection. Municipal Engineering coordinated well sites and distribution lines for the raw water as well as 2,300 linear of feet of 16” waterline connecting to the City of Laurinburg’s system for potable water. Municipal Engineering also designed a 750,000 gallon elevated water tank (175 feet tall) including site design, grading, and erosion control plans. The project was completed in the fall of 2014, and the company continues to add new jobs.


The Town of Wilkesboro has an existing industry that is expanding their manufacturing facility on NC Hwy 268 where the Town has consistent issues with water pressure and water quality from a bottle neck in the system. Municipal Engineering worked with the Town to upgrade the existing 8” waterline from the Town’s Water Treatment Plant to a 16” waterline. MESCO designed a new 16” waterline along Brown’s Ford Road that will cross the Yadkin River via a 400’ directional bore and connect to an existing 10” waterline on US 421, thereby creating a loop and eliminating the dead end waterline. In addition, MESCO designed a new 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank for fire protection, a 540 gpm booster pump station and modifying one existing booster pump station. The completed project will remediate long standing problems with water pressure, water quality, and fire protection in this area of Wilkesboro’s water system. As a result, the Town of Wilkesboro will be able to facilitate an existing industry expansion that will create 63 new jobs within the Town.  This project is currently under construction.


Town of Newport Wastewater Treatment Plant ExpansionThe Town of Newport was required under a Special Order of Consent (SOC) to upgrade their Wastewater Treatment Plant from 0.6 MGD to 1.3 MGD.  Municipal Engineering worked with the Town and the State to choose a treatment method that would best meet the criteria in the SOC.  The footprint of the existing WWTP was a challenge during design because of adjacent wetlands and areas of the property being in a floodplain.  MESCO selected a new oxidation ditch followed by primary clarification and tertiary treatment using disk filters.  The final design incorporated a Class-A solids stabilization process, new headworks, and an effluent pump station to meet the unique requirements presented by the existing WWTP location.


Town of Landis Sewer RehabilitationThe Town of Landis has several sections of sewer lines in town that are over 40 years old creating substantial inflow and infiltration issues.  Municipal Engineering evaluated the condition of the system and along with the Town decided to replace approximately 10,000 linear feet of old terra cotta 8” gravity sewer line with new SDR-35 PVC and DI pipe.  The final design also included the replacement of sewer service lines, upgrades to two lift stations with new pumps, new wet wells, new controls, and new generators.


Town of Boonville Howard St. Pump Station & Force MainThe Town of Boonville needed to design a new sewer pump station to take the place of the existing Howard Street Pump Station.  The existing station was a regional station that accepted flows from the southwest quadrant of the Town’s sewer system.  The existing station had experienced several overflows during excessive rainfall due to inflow and infiltration in the Town’s sewer collection system.  MESCO reviewed two years of flow records along with performing drawdown tests on two pump stations that fed the Howard Street Pump Station to determine flow requirements for the new pump station.  As part of the design the Town asked MESCO to design a standby diesel engine pumping system rather than the traditional standby electric generator.  The final project included a 289 gallon per minute pump station, 2,500 feet of 6” force main, and 440 feet of 8” gravity sewer.


City of Albemarle Wastewater Treatment Plant ImprovementsThe City of Albemarle received several Notices of Violation (NOVs) at their Long Creek WWTP primarily due to an aging facility originally constructed in the 1930s, renovated in the 1960s, and expanded in 1970. The existing filter system was the source of many operational problems for plant staff and the filter media was completely removed as a result of overflow and bypass situations which presented permit compliance issues for the City. The existing aeration basin had such poor mixing that up to 12 feet of grit had formed in the treatment zones, which severely hampered treatment. Specific areas of concern were aeration and biological treatment, clarification problems, tertiary filtration, inoperable control valves and gates that were vital to plant operation, and insufficient screening and grit removal. The City entered into a Special Order of Consent with NC DENR.  Project challenges were dealing with an older plant and unforeseen issues with different line elevations and conditions within the existing filter structures, as well as coordinating timelines mandated by the SOC with Environmental Management Commission. Municipal Engineering’s final design included new tertiary disk filters, modifications for the clarifier mechanisms, replacement of influent and recycle screw pumps, enhanced aeration through installation of larger floating aerators, and the addition of fine screens and vortex grit removal.  The project was constructed within 5% of MESCO’s original cost estimate.

Town of Wilkesboro Wastewater System Improvements

Town of Wilkesboro Wastewater System ImprovementsDue to development and increases in wastewater generation within the western corridor of its jurisdictional limits, the Town of Wilkesboro needed to significantly upgrade their Wastewater Collection System.  Municipal Engineering completed a feasibility study to make an appropriate recommendation to the Town for the needed improvements.  MESCO collaborated with the Town to plan a new layout and routing for wastewater conveyance for approximately 40% of the Town’s existing system. The new arrangement consisted of constructing a major expansion of one regional pump station and respective force main, constructing approximately 9,400 linear feet of gravity sewer, downsizing and rerouting a previous regional pump station, and constructing an inverted siphon under the Yadkin River to convey wastewater from a heavily developing business corridor to the new regional pump station. The upsized station utilized duplex 1,650 gpm submersible pumps and a 16” force main that spanned approximately 7,400 linear feet.

Newport, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Newport, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

City of Albemarle, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Phases 1 & 2

City of Albemarle, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Phases 1 & 2

City of Laurinburg, NC 750,000 Gallon Water Tank

Richmond County, NC 750,000 Gallon Water Tank

City of Albemarle, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Phases 1 & 2

City of Albemarle, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Phases 1 & 2

Town of Garner, NC Wastewater Land Application

Town of Garner, NC Wastewater Lagoon

Town of Louisburg, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA System

Town of Bunn, NC Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Town of Bunn, NC Force Main

Village of Cofield, NC Smoke Testing (Inflow/Infiltration)

Village of Cofield, NC Smoke Testing (Inflow/Infiltration)

Village of Cofield, NC Smoke Testing (Inflow/Infiltration)

Silver Grove Church Road (Richmond County, NC) 16” Waterline & Booster Pump Station Project

Silver Grove Church Road (Richmond County, NC) 16” Waterline & Booster Pump Station Project

Silver Grove Church Road (Richmond County, NC) 16” Waterline & Booster Pump Station Project

Richmond County, NC 300,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Piping for Richmond County, NC Elevated Water Storage Tank

Mount Airy, NC 300,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Ocracoke 150,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank Refurbishing

Richmond County, NC 36 Waterline Installation

Richmond County, NC 36 Waterline Installation

Richmond County, NC 36 Waterline Installation