Municipal Engineering Services Company, P.A.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Locating underground utilities and structuresMunicipal Engineering utilizes a non-destructive air vacuum excavator to prevent damage when locating underground utilities and structures. Since 1978, we have been analyzing, planning, and designing utility systems.

Using SUE, Municipal Engineering can identify underground utilities such as:

Municipal Engineering is staffed and equipped for all four quality levels of SUE:

Level A – Non-Destructive Air Vacuum Excavation

Level A is the highest level of service and provides the highest level of accuracy.  With the use of air-vacuum excavation, damage to underground utilities traditionally caused by other digging methods is eliminated.  By knowing the exact location of utilities, the designer can sometimes make small adjustments in the design that eliminate the relocation of utilities.  NON-DESTRUCTIVE AIR VACUUM EXCAVATION is used to determine the exact horizontal and vertical location of utilities and allows the documentation of the utility type, material, size, depth, condition, location, orientation, etc.

Level B – Designation

Level B service includes the use of geophysical techniques to determine the horizontal position of underground utilities.

Level C – Site Assessment

NC Department of Transportation ApprovedLevel C service is more comprehensive than Level D because it involves surveying visible aboveground utility facilities and combining this information with existing utility records.

Level D – Historical Utility Research

This is the most basic level of service and the information comes solely from existing utility records.  Level D is limited to the accuracy of the existing records.

Featured Project

Richmond County, NC

Municipal Engineering designed a water and sewer system for an industrial park that would allow the flexibility to continually develop the property while businesses could simultaneously select suitable locations for their operations.  Using Subsurface Utility Engineering, Municipal Engineering: