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One Drop at a Time

One drop at a time!

What’s more important than making sure our drinking water is safe?  Municipal Engineering’s professional staff has been working to make that happen since 1978.

City of Hendersonville, Academy Road Water Line Extensions, Hendersonville, NC

The North Carolina Division of Water Quality notified residents in the Dana Community along Academy Road in eastern Henderson County that their wells were found to have substandard water quality.  The water was determined to have shown the presence of legacy pesticides, specifically dieldrin, which were likely applied to the apple orchards previously occupying the land.  Some residents had contamination over the health-based limits and/or were advised not to drink or cook with the well water and to limit showering time.

With the assistance of our Funding Department, the City received grants from the Department of Commerce, the NC Rural Center, Bernard Allen Fund and the Appalachian Regional Commission.  Municipal Engineering then designed 11,000+ LF of waterline and associated appurtenances to serve the area.

Fox Road Area Phase I and II Waterline Extensions, County of Richmond, Rockingham, NC

The North Carolina Division of Public Health notified particular residents in Richmond County that wells in the vicinity of Fox Road were found to have substandard water quality.  Wells in the area tested positive for a known carcinogen, 1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane (DBCP).  Residents whose wells were impacted were warned to avoid consumption of water from those wells and to limit physical contact, i.e, baths and showers, to 10 minutes or less.

With the assistance of our Funding Department, the County received grants ($3,930,000) from Commerce CDBG from Commerce Finance Center and the Division of Community Assistance, NC Rural Center Clean Water Partners and Economic Infrastructure, and the NC DENR Bernard Allen Fund.

Municipal Engineering designed approximately 60,000 LF of waterline and associated appurtenances to serve the area.

Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System, Town of Taylorsville, North Carolina

In 2016, Municipal Engineering was able to assist the Town of Taylorsville, NC obtain the first N.C. Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan to construct a 100 KW Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System to offset the cost of electricity at its 0.83 mgd wastewater treatment facility.  Once construction is complete, the town is estimated to save as much as $1,273 per month on their electric utility bill.  Since the demand load also appears when the sun is not shining, the project is being designed and constructed such that a large cell battery system can be integrated for future peak shaving as those costs become more affordable.  In addition to reducing its energy costs, the town plans to use the facility as an educational resource for local schools.